"Independent label with a vision of artistic freedom."

The independent label, Affiliated, was founded in 2018 with a vision to do things our own way - and a belief that artistic freedom and creative expression are the essence of making good music. We have an independent, personal and uncompromising approach to developing and releasing music, where the artists' vision is in focus. Therefore, Affiliated's most important role is to provide the right tools to enable artists to freely express themselves creatively - to find the core of their musical expression.

Four factors particularly distinguish Affiliated from other labels:

1: The artists' own musical vision is in focus
The artists are free to collaborate with anyone
The artists are not exclusively bound to the label
The artists own 70% of their master-copyrights

As a label, Affiliated's main task is to release and distribute music. Our label mainly deals with the releases of our signed artists. In addition, we make release-agreements with independent artists, where we offer distribution of singles or larger projects.

Through the spread of our music and growth of our network, we want to create further expansion and new opportunities for our artists and producers. We dream of making the music industry more accessible and transparent to create better opportunities for the smaller players, as well as to give listeners a greater insight into what dynamics the industry is governed by - and why it needs to change to create equal opportunities for everyone in the business.