Publishing is typically handled by a publisher. As a music publisher, Affiliated has the task of developing our creative musicians, i.e. lyricists and composers. This is done, among other things, by collaborating with third parties, where Affiliated as an intermediary builds bridges to other music creators and instrumentalists.

Affiliated has two music studios where songwriter camps, bootcamps and sessions are arranged for Affiliated's own artists and producers. We also invite external musicians for the purpose of creating, presenting and selling music to other labels, production companies and advertising agencies.

Affiliated applies for grants and fundraises for expenses related to the projects and releases of our artists and producers, applies for travel grants for collaborations abroad, registers publishing-rights with copyright collecting societies, and ensures that songwriters and composers with a share in the music get their profits when the music is used commercially. We aim to spread the music to the widest possible extent, i.e. by collaborating with TV, radio, and other media platforms.