Fars Rum consists of Bernie Pastor (saxophone) and Mælk (bass), as well as Jumelo & HejMahn, who sing, rap and toast over musical orgies of vibrant guitar, funky bass, crisp saxophone and driving drums - an unpretentious universe of good vibes and positive energy that leaves you with sore dancing feet and a big smile on your face. Their stage performance is explosive and their lyrics are captivating, original and always delivered with a glimpse of humour. Fars Rum wants to dance and they want to dance with you, so lose yourself to the sound of funky Hip Hop spiced with bold Reggae and Funk elements. Fars Rum is signed by the independent record label, Affiliated.


Fars Rum plays funky Hip Hop mixed with crisp Reggae vibes and heavenly horns that will blow you away. With a humorous approach to political and time-relevant themes, Fars Rum has created their very own lyrical universe where they push good messages in a fun and tangible way. Fars Rum always gives the most when performing live. The band’s chemistry ensures a warm atmosphere at all of their shows with help from bassist Mælk and saxophonist Bernie Pastor, who give the music a delicious organic feel and make the kettle boil over with perfectly timed seductive solos. Caribbean melodies, good humour and solid rap skills go hand in hand when Fars Rum invites the crowd to dance.