Gavin is a world-class rapper. His authority is evident as soon as his voice hits the beat, instantly captivating the audience with unique word play and energetic flow. His style, attitude and million-dollar smile make Gavin the born star, worthy to challenge even the biggest American rap artists. He has established himself as a renowned artist on the Danish Hip Hop scene in a short space of time. He is praised for his authenticity and natural approach to the English language as well as his strong ability to paint pictures with words. With imaginative punch-lines and incredible voice control, Gavin complements any beat and maintains a standard at the highest level.


Gavin's sound reflects his character. Inspired by modern Cloud-Rap (like Post Malone and Trippie Redd), to the heavy Trap inspired by Travis Scott, and Migos, Gavin is out to play with the big boys on the international Hip Hop scene. With a childhood taste for Punk and Rock’n’Roll, Gavin implements elements from these genres in his interpretation of New-School Hip Hop. Besides being an extremely gifted rapper, Gavin is an excellent singer. With a variety of mellow, melancholic tunes, atmospheric bangers and soft Pop vibes, Gavin is able to deliver the most and raise Denmark's technical standard across multiple genres.


Gavin was born in 1989 and spent the first six years of his life in Nigeria, before moving to Denmark. At the age of 13, he began to play the guitar with Jimi Hendrix as his idol, but in his early 20s, Hip Hop caught his attention. He started working with the producer, Cape Hagen, combining traditional Trip-Hop with elements from other genres, such as melancholic and unconventional rock-like licks. In 2016, Gavin was signed by Idyllic Entertainment, which in 2018 merged with Home Studio Productions and changed its name to Affiliated.