Jonah Wright

Jonah Wright, formerly known as Buzzer, is a world-class performer. He has worked to perfect his rap skills since he was eight years old and despite his young age, has long been recognized for his double-tempo improvised rap. He has refined his craft at a rapid pace and has now created a unique, definitive sound that only he can deliver with such a high level of energy. Jonah Wright is one of the most promising Danish artists, with great international potential. His authentic delivery and raw passion can draw out a flow of emotion in anyone. Whether it's the heaviest of bangers or his soft acoustic joints, you can always sense Jonah Wright's presence. He is a true master of the stage and creates a vibrant and authentic experience that resonates with the crowd. You always know how Jonah Wright feels. He never hides anything and he never compromises his expression. With a past as Manus Bell’s back-up rapper, Jonah Wright already has that experience it requires to perform for sold-out crowds in some of Denmark’s biggest venues. The rumours of Jonah Wright's talent have made it beyond the Danish borders after his memorable performance with the American rapper, R.A. The Rugged Man during his last concert in Copenhagen.


Jonah Wright's melodic and honest sound reflects his feelings. His powerful delivery is so real that you can feel what he feels directly. Jonah Wright is one of the few who can merge different genres convincingly. He is constantly updated with the latest sound on the Hip Hop scene and is inspired by artists like Chance the Rapper, Joey Badass and Russ. With an eminent technical level, he delivers original flows that surprise and draw the listener into his crooked mind and explicit lyrics. Jonah Wright uses everyday perspectives to analyse human patterns and lusts, and always adapts the sound sphere to the theme of the given song. In this way he manages to create holistic works of art, where vocals and compositions are interconnected.


As a child, Jonah Wright found it difficult to concentrate. It was challenging for him to function in social contexts, especially in larger groups of people. At the age of four, his grandfather gave him a guitar, and thought music could be a way for him to disconnect and stay calm. He was right. Jonah Wright used music as an escape from his uncontrolled thought-patterns and has since learned to use his unique way of thinking to his advantage. Jonah Wright later fell in love with Hip Hop when he first heard the G-Unit album "Be For Mercy". At the age of 13, he met the rapper Manus Bell, who introduced him further to rap music and Hip Hop history. The two later released an EP together and have played countless concerts both in Denmark and abroad.