Melissa Inya

Melissa Inya is in many ways what the Danish music industry needs - a powerful, authentic and beautiful voice, rooted in Soul, Jazz and Blues, that draws the listener into an atmospheric and timeless universe of sweet melody. In just a few years Melissa Inya has established herself as a renowned artist on the Danish music scene after having performed from coast to coast with her live band Ms Melissa & Her Soul Knights. As an experienced live performer, she engages her audience at every show with a high level of professionalism and a captivating stage presence. Her enchanting voice can seduce any crowd and bring out an ocean of emotion in all of us.


Melissa Inya has spent all of her life using music as an escape, and as a way to convey her personal stories and thoughts through song. She incorporates herself and her feelings in her music by expressing pain and joy, and turning the negative into something beautiful, which gives Melissa Inya a sense of reflection and optimism in everyday life. Her vision is to create an innovative expression by merging her original, organic voice with modern urban elements. The result is a unique sound in which Melissa's voice delicately flows through live-recorded Neo-Soul compositions in conjunction with an electronic universe of keys, drum machines and synths. Melissa writes her own lyrics and has a strong team to assist her with compositions, recording and coordination of musicians.


Melissa Inya grew up in a home filled with music. Her mother, who was just 18 when she had Melissa, was one of the first female electric boogie/break-dancer in East Africa, and introduced Melissa to RnB and Hip Hop, while her father graced their home with old Soul/Funk and traditional Ugandan/East African music. At the age of 21, Melissa lost her father, and became pregnant soon after. Inspired by the love for her newborn son, Melissa Inya would express herself through song and discovered her passion for both writing and singing. Melissa is highly inspired by the Jazz and Soul she grew up with, and looks up to strong, influential women such as Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. For the past three years, Melissa has performed all over the country with some of Denmark's most respected Jazz musicians, as well as toured in Norway, Sweden, Finland and France.