With a unique flow, a refined craft and a renewed approach to modern Hip Hop, Mellow provides originality to the Danish rap scene. His musical universe is strongly inspired by the new wave of European Hip Hop and he wants to put a newfound focus on technique and delivery in Denmark. Mellow's technical delivery and flow is rarely heard on Danish releases – you are captivated by his playful puns and imagery, and the dynamic between his laidback vocals and a hype beat creates a progressive bounce you can’t sit still to. With deep linguistic understanding, Mellow makes street slang sound like pure poetry. And with verbal knockouts, he is getting closer to his goal of becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of rap in Copenhagen. With his debut EP 236, Mellow laid the foundations for his own soundscape, building on sharp vocals over modern beats, and despite his young age, Mellow has been recognized by Danish Hip Hop veterans and has shared tracks with Pede B, Per Vers and Mund de Carlo.