Composers, Lyricists & Publishers

Koda is a so-called collecting society and rights organization and is responsible for managing certain areas of the exploitation of musical copyrights in Denmark. If you are a lyricists or composer - a creating musician - you are entitled to payment when your music is played publicly. Koda enters into agreements with all players who use and offer music as part of their business. That is everything from TV, radio and streaming services to cafes, shops, gyms and festivals. Koda charges fees for the exploitation of its members’ performance rights. Danish publishers and artists must be members of Koda to receive remuneration for the use of their copyrights in Denmark.

In other words, you earn money if your music is played in public by a business i.e. exploited commercially. Koda manages performance rights on behalf of the creative artists in the music industry. Koda covers radio, TV, live concerts and a small proportion of streaming.

It costs DKK 650 for private individuals to become a member of Koda. This is a one-time fee you pay to be a life-long member. It costs DKK 3,500 to register as a publisher. In Denmark, publishers are permitted to take a maximum of 33.3% of the artists' publishing share.


Koda has a calendar system for payments and pays out automatically to publishers, composers and lyricists. Payment is made either monthly or quarterly, depending on which platform the song has been exploited.

Koda payment calendar: