A label, formerly known as a record label, is a company that coordinates the creation, production, distribution, marketing and promotion of tracks and music videos i.e. recorded and publicly released music productions.

In addition, a label handles a number of administrative tasks, including negotiating and protecting the artist's and the label's rights to music and musicvideos.

Labels can also act as talent scouts and contribute to the development of new artists in the form of A&R work (Artist & Repertoire). Many labels provide opportunities through their network, including helping artists get media coverage and making sure their product is available through storesand online streaming services.

Main Tasks

•     Coordination of audio and video production
•     Distribution and promotion of music
•     Marketing of recorded music
•     Talent scouting
•     Artist development
•     Business and administrative assistance with among others distribution network, PR team, marketers, SoMe managers, product managers, A&R, legal and technicalassistance and bookkeeping

Types of Labels

• Majors: Major labels are the biggest players in the music industry.There are only three majors worldwide - Sony Music Entertainment, UniversalMusic Group and Warner Music Group, all of which own and contain many different sublabels, which are branded as independent organizations. The vast majority of sublabels are owned by one of the three majors, who together control the majority of the music market (about 80% of the market or higher depending on the year measured). 

• Sublabels: Sublabels are owned by majors and allow them to characterize an artist, their sound, genre and brand, which can be useful in terms of marketing and branding. A sublabel may consist of additional sublabels, all of which are ultimately owned and controlled by one of the three majors.

• Independent: An independent label (indie label) is not associated with or funded by majors. Independent labels are typically smaller companies that produce and distribute music.