A manager takes care of the business, administrative and/or career side of an artist. The manager has the overall responsibility for the artist's career running as it should. They take care of administrative tasks, contracts, marketing, sales, networking, booking appointments, concerts, interviews, media appearances, etc. The manager's finest task is to make sure that the artist can focus on their own profession, namely making music.

There are different types of managers, all of whom play different roles for the artist - Business Managers, Personal Managers, Product Managers and SoMe Managers. As a starting point, the financial relationship between manager and artist is based on a commission of the income that accrues to the artist from the collaboration agreements that the manager has entered into. It is typical for managers to get 10-25% of the artist's income.

Main Tasks

•      Give artistic, strategic, and business advice to the artist

•      Act as a liaison and link to all parts of the artist's business areas; labels, publishers, promoters, producers, sponsors and more.

•      Responsible for the artist's contracts, events, obligations and finances

•      Negotiation mandate to ensure best deals and create increased earnings for the artist.

•      Optimization of the artist's opportunities to increase artistic/creative potential and sparring partner in all respects of the artist's areas of activity

•      To create the best possible network of partners for the artist with the aim of promoting the artist's career, i.e. to build the right team in relation to the agreed strategy.