Other Exploitation

Synchronization (Sync)

Synchronization work aims to sell or license musical works and music recordings for use in movies, TV, commercials, games and other multimedia content. The process of placing music in different media contexts is called sync, and both labels and publishers work with sync of works and recordings, respectively.

Synchronization rights deal with the compilation of music and pictures/movies. If a film or video producer wishes to use protected music in a TV production, film, or television commercial, they must have permission from the rights holders (both the rights holders of the recorded track to be used, as well as the copyright holders). If an existing song or elements thereof are to be used, permission must therefore often be obtained from both the song writer and publisher as well as the label that has recorded and released the song and holds the rights to the track itself.


In some cases, merchandise is created for an artist or in connection with a project. Agreements on merchandise can be entered into with labels, publishers, management or third parties. While merchandise should promote the interest and awareness of the artist, it can also create a source of income init self.