Bernie Pastor

Bernie Pastor masters a saxophone in any genre. Just from the look on his face when he is playing, you can sense the love between him and his sax. From this love, flows Bernie’s magical stream of notes. Bernie Pastor has deep and recognizable sound and is especially acknowledged for his dazzling solos that leave the audience in a state of ecstasy. It started with Jazz and Blues, but Bernie Pastor quickly fell for Funk and Soul before discovering Hip Hop. He is best known for his role in Fars Rum, and has in recent years worked with some of Denmark's most prominent Hip Hop artists, including Mund De Carlo, Manus Bell and Silhouette. Bernie Pastor was born in Farum in 1993. As a child, he couldn’t sit still in a classroom and instead found concentration through music when he, at the age of 10, started playing saxophone at the local music school. With a captivating presence and an outstanding live performance, Bernie Pastor has played concerts at prestigious venues such as Vega and Pumpehuset, and has performed in Germany, Sweden and Algeria