Architech produces Boom Bap Hip Hop and is recognized as one of the biggest talents on the Danish underground scene. At the age of 10, he began to compose and since then he has been inspired by the hard and rustic Brooklyn sound of the 1990s. The audience is guaranteed to be blown away when Architech's beats blast through the speakers. In addition to working with several of Denmark's most prominent Hip Hop artists, Architech has several international collaborations on his CV, including with the legendary rapper Jus Allah.


Architech's expression varies between raw and dusty bangers to jazzy and soft sample-based beats. In addition to an extensive repertoire as a producer for a wide range of artists, Architech has experimented with the subgenre, Horrorcore, where he delivers brutal and relentless productions in a mosh-pit calibre. In recent years, he has developed a sharp ear for newer techniques, and he understands exploiting the possibilities by combining his familiar, raw style with new mysterious elements inspired by today's Hip Hop.