Cape Hagen

Cape Hagen’s beats are explosive! With immense punch and a powerful impact, Cape Hagen invites the audience into a dark and melancholic universe, where his heavy drums and howling melodies send listeners into a trance, transporting us to a different dimension. In a time of underplayed beats and polished productions, Cape Hagen is a breath of fresh air when he highlights the harder elements and gives his music a rugged edge. Cape Hagen has for many years developed his skills in his home studio and is now ready to contribute to the music industry with his sturdy, personal sound that is well suited for the modern Hip Hop fan’s playlist.


Cape Hagen has developed his rhythmic skills since he was a child. His background as drummer shows in his productions, with an apparent focus on hard, penetrating drums and live percussion implemented in the new-school sound he explores. Cape Hagen has previously worked with genres inspired by Deep-House and Heavy Metal, but has moved towards an electronic and experimental universe inspired by artists like Deadmau5 and Trentemøller. Cape Hagen constantly evolves and derives inspiration from the artists he works with. He is a team player and believes that the true magic happens when collaborating with others.