Cryptiq's universe is not to be mistaken. He awakes curiosity in his listeners when he breaks with traditional methods of composing and does it his own way. With an ear for crooked and unconventional elements, Cryptiq makes his productions sound unpolished while maintaining a sharp and penetrating clout. As he himself formulates it; “The art is to take something clean and make it dirty.” He doesn’t stop before all knobs have been turned, all buttons have been pressed, and all limiters are at maximum capacity.


Cryptiq thinks out of the box and attempts to push the limits for what is actually possible. His productions encourage listeners to unfold their imagination and let their thoughts flow into a world of reflection and interpretation. Cryptiq’s sound creates a captivating and hovering atmosphere when experimenting with pulsating synths over distorted bass-lines and live drums. With an alternative approach to producing, Cryptiq brings out the full potential in all of his beats. He leaves little marks and signatures through consistent details on his tracks, and his original approach to composing makes Cryptiq a unique producer with a timeless and recognizable sound that’s easy to fall in love with.