Fundi Wake

Fundi Wake is no stranger to the game called life. Never afraid to roll the dice, his charming and provocative voice brings his elaborate punchlines to life. The 24-year-old rapper with roots in Tanzania delivers inventive flows with meticulous precision, and with English as his mother tongue, Fundi Wake's sound echoes of backpack Hip Hop with boastful bars and melodic hooks. Skewed observations and a smooth formulation pull us into a world dominated by good vibes. His bold personality shines through in his lyrics, and combined with his charisma as a world star, Fundi Wake is an artistic force to be reckoned with. Fundi Wake's musical agenda is clear - to make relatable tracks for the general public and continue to develop the evolving sound of Hip Hop’s future. With everything from dusty and rowdy Boom Bap inspired by Joey Badass to smooth and laid-back Trap inspired by Big Sean, Fundi Wake strikes an elegant balance between the hard and the soft, while adding his very own ingredient – his seductive voice. Fundi Wake was born with a voice for rap. He delivers lines with an articulation that creates a captivating listening experience. With several contrasting singles on his CV, Fundi Wake varies his expression within the framework of Hip Hop, commercial as well as underground. And it is precisely in this borderland that he believes the sound of the future exists.