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For far too long, far too few record labels have been delivering music to both the Danish and international music scenes. We aim to change that. The independent label, Affiliated, was founded in 2018 with a vision to do things our own way - and a belief that artistic freedom and creative expression are the essence of making good music. We have an independent, personal and uncompromising approach to developing and releasing music, where the artists' vision is in focus. Therefore, Affiliated's most important role is to provide the right tools to enable artists to freely express themselves creatively - to find the core of their musical expression.

Four factors particularly distinguish Affiliated from other labels:

1: The artists' own musical vision is in focus
2: The artists are free to collaborate with anyone
3: The artists are not exclusively bound to the label
4: The artists own 70% of their master-copyrights

As a label, Affiliated's main task is to release and distribute music. Our label mainly deals with the releases of our signed artists. In addition, we make release-agreements with independent artists, where we offer distribution of singles or larger projects.

Through the spread of our music and growth of our network, we want to create further expansion and new opportunities for our artists and producers. We dream of making the music industry more accessible and transparent to create better opportunities for the smaller players, as well as to give listeners a greater insight into what dynamics the industry is governed by - and why it needs to change to create equal opportunities for everyone in the business.


Publishing is typically handled by a publisher. As a music publisher, Affiliated has the task of developing our creativemusicians, i.e. lyricists and composers. This is done, among other things, bycollaborating with third parties, where Affiliated as an intermediary buildsbridges to other music creators and instrumentalists.

Affiliated has two music studios where songwriter camps, bootcamps andsessions are arranged for Affiliated's own artists and producers. We alsoinvite external musicians for the purpose of creating, presenting and sellingmusic to other labels, production companies and advertising agencies.

Affiliated applies for grants and fundraises for expenses related to theprojects and releases of our artists and producers, applies for travel grantsfor collaborations abroad, registers publishing-rights with copyright collectingsocieties, and ensures that songwriters and composers with a share in the musicget their profits when the music is used commercially. We aim to spread themusic to the widest possible extent, i.e. by collaborating with TV, radio, andother media platforms.


As a managementagency, Affiliated takes care of the business side for our artists andproducers, and thus has the overall responsibility for the artists’ andproducers' careers running as they should. The management work consists ofvarious administrative tasks, drawing up contracts, marketing, sales,networking, booking appointments, concerts, media appearances, etc. 

Our managementagreement is business-oriented with both a Danish and internationalperspective. At Affiliated, we work primarily with upcoming artists andproducers, and we help develop, guide and advise them with an uncompromisingapproach to music creation and a deep understanding of the industry. We see itas our task to give artists the best framework to unleash their artisticpotential as well as ensure them good business practice. With the management'sexperience, network and general understanding of the industry, we make a virtueout of getting involved in all aspects of the artists' and producers' careers,as well as negotiating purposefully with their wishes in focus.


Affiliated offers booking services for both our own artists andexternal partners. Our job as a booker consists of booking gigs for the artists we represent, arrangingappointments with venues, festivals or other collaborative partners, andcoordinating tours and concerts. Since 2018, we have made our mark on theDanish live scene by arranging concerts at venues for 30+ artists across style,genre and language. In addition to our own annual street parties with more than1000 guests in the crowd, we have collaborated with several of Denmark's mostprominent venues and festivals, including Northside Festival, Distortion, UhørtFestival, Carpark Festival, Gimle and Pumpehuset. We strive to work closelywith concert organizers and spread the word that we have artists for anyconcert, party, event, support act or other live event.


Studio Rental

You can rent Affiliated’s studios on a project basis. Our facilities provide good opportunities and space for recording, beat production and bootcamps. In addition to our A and B studios of 42 m2 per room, the facilities provide access to our kitchen and a communal toilet. Affiliated is happy to help with the planning and execution of bootcamps, workshops and other sessions.


Would you like to record your own song? Or do you - like many other musicians – have a lot of unfinished projects in need of a coordinated and structured completion process? Affiliated offers recording sessions with professional sound engineers. In addition to recording songs, music productions and instrumental recordings, we offer speech recording for commercials, movies, podcasts and more.


Affiliated offers awide range of music productions in various genres. We have a large library of beats for sale and also offer tailor-made productions for your upcoming music project, background music for your video, jingle for your podcast or anythingelse.


Mix & Master is the last step in the production process before your new song has to be presented to the outside world. Get your music processed by our professional partners and give it the best conditions to fly far. With our experience and good network of both Danish and international sound engineers, we offer high quality assurance in different price ranges.


If you want to get started with rapping or producing music, we offer teaching in collaboration with and for both private citizens and institutions.


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