Milez is an 18-year-old inter-European rapper inspired by genres such as UK Trap, Italian Hip Hop and pulsating Drill. Being half Italian and half British, he is currently spearheading the unique fusion between UK rap and Italian rap, creating a distinctive universe exposing us to the powerful dynamics of his multicultural heritage. Milez lets us tag along as he processes his experience of being alienated in a new culture; the main theme for his upcoming EP ‘Fratello’ which will be released in 2022. Apart from incredible technical diversity, one of his many superpowers is getting the crowd to go mental during live performances. With quick-paced deliveries and catchy soulful melodies, Milez gets the crowd bouncing and brings a whole new level of energy to any stage he hops onto. Being a part of the Danish independent label Affiliated, Milez has performed at several liveshows alongside widely experienced artists. In a furious work rage, he enchants the viewers and holds them firm through his power and presence.