The term ‘prodigy’ is thrown around loosely in the music business but when it comes to the half Italian, half British rapper Milez at just 18 years the stamp is very precise. With a magnificent technical delivery and an unprecedented mix of genres, the Intereuropean future star guarantees equal parts of rowdiness and reflection at his highly energetic live shows. His unique combination of UK Trap, Italian street hiphop and no nonsense drill lays the foundation for Milez’ musical adventure. The young artist has since 2020 spent numerous hours in the studio perfecting his craft, which resulted in the debut EP “Fratello” in April 2022. A very promising first release, in which Milez cleverly portrays subjects such as alienation and isolation in the Danish society through razorsharp flows and a confident delivery way beyond his humble years. The same maturity Milez is blessed with in his lyricism is counter-balanced by his youthful energy on-stage where he makes sure to leave a small part of himself which in return makes a big impression. For the musical wonderkid the journey goes from pen to paper, from the stage to the audience. The tension created by the conflicting energies is where the magic happens. Milez is living proof of what can happen when you add hard work to natural talent, and it’s only one’s fantasy that sets boundaries as to where it can go from here.