With use of his charming popmusic, Hakami has truly initiated his foray into the danish Pop and Rnb scene. His calm aura combined with his honest stories on stage, forces the listeners to give in, let go and get carried away. The production draws inspiration from neo soul and modern R&B and the same goes for the lyrical aspect of the genres. With confident insecurity Hakami portrays the intoxicating rush of love as well as the turbulent break-ups in eye-level with his fellow Gen Z’ers. Hakami’s earlier projects circulates around these exact subjects and the release is a testament of his uncompromised pop productions holding up to an international standard. It’s introverted music with an extroverted aura – the lyrics are moving and the music is impossible not to move to. Said in a different way, Hakami is ready to build something big and break a couple hearts in the meantime.