No nonsense afropop with a Nordic twist. That is the best way to describe Tarick’s warm sound which instinctively forces the listeners to listen up and get down on the nearest dancefloor ASAP. With his sincere personality, seductive presence and recognizable vocal, Tarick is the born entertainer. After years of hard work discovering and finetuning his sound the Tanzanian-born Copenhagener has found his spot on the music scene. Here he manages to utilize his obvious talent for both rapping and singing, which he does fluently in both English and Swahili. Tarick is the sound of Scandinavian summer nights under a starry Tanzanian sky. His love for the language, culture and lifestyle from his motherland is a recurring theme in the music. The baseline stems from Afrobeat, but don’t be surprised to hear the young, hopeless romantic rapping on a melodic trap beat or singing over soulful R&B. Thematically, the songs evolve around the topics of youth – love interests, romance and attraction, but also contemplations about the state of society and heritage. It’s all packed up in pleasant rhythms and delivered with a confident believe that people with party along, when Tarick sets the tone.