With his sincere personality, seductive presence and distinctive voice, Tarick was born to stand on a stage. He is an honest and reflective artist with meaningful lyrics and astonishing flows. And with great talent for both rap and song, Tarick has the full package. His sound is particularly inspired by the love for his motherland, Tanzania, which is heard in his rhythm and melodies. His sound universe is rooted in Afrobeats, and with inspiration from modern Trap and R&B, he always makes the music his own. Whether it's organic productions or melodic Trap beats, Tarick's voice fulfills any composition. His lyrical universe deals with topics such as love, society and emotion, and reflects life as a young, hopeless romantic. Tarick conveys what he feels, and though his lyrics are wrapped in metaphors, puns, and complex sentence constructions, his message always shines through.