Manus Bell

With a strong sense of indignation and a phenomenal flow, Manus Bell uses Hip Hop to convey his view of the world. His deep and recognizable voice holds a sincerity that draws the listener into his serious lyrics. And with more than 100 concerts, two albums, an EP and a handful of singles on his CV, Manus Bell has made his mark on the Danish Hip Hop scene. With raw empathy and superior rhythm, Manus Bell can make anyone feel part of the 90s Hip Hop movement in Brooklyn, where attitude, message and delivery were in focus. Manus Bell is an original ‘Master of Flow’. Delivery is his number one priority, and his technical abilities are in the absolute top class when he spits double-tempo triples at the speed of light, and makes it look easy. Manus Bell’s recognizable voice is the essence of his sound, and he uses the sensation of his vocal expression to create an atmosphere that encourages the listener to pay attention to what he has at heart. His sense of justice shines through in his lyrics as he, with poetic honesty and anger, invites the audience into a world of political conflict, socio-cultural observations and social criticism.