Rune Kuda

Rune Kuda has his head in the clouds and feet on the ground, with a straight line from his heartfelt poetry to the mind of the listener. With a failed major label deal at the top of his mind, the Copenhagen-based lyricist formerly known as oktober goes straight for the jugular of the music biz he feels treated badly by. This makes his pen extra sharp and adds additional weight to his words, when Rune passionately portrays subjects such as mental health, identity and relationships over atmospheric beats. Here melancholy meets megalomania and is portrayed with a nerve that matches the hustle and bustle of the big city, which serves as both background and motif for the lyrics. Actually Kuda was ready to leave music behind altogether, but the track which was supposed to be his last ever ironically ended up becoming the catalyst to a new project. Using his government name, the untamed creative drive can clearly be felt through the intelligent wordplay and clever pop-cultural references, that ore only subject to the self-taught rapper and producers own strict quality control. Since becoming a part of the independent label Affiliated, Rune Kuda’s creative liberty is no longer dependent on A&R’s with five-year plans or suits with dollar signs in their eyes. But make no mistake – the catchy melodies, superior flows and original bars still keep up with the best and sharpest hiphop artists in Denmark.